Tony Ortega, former editor of the Village Voice, does this cool thing every week called “Scientology Sunday Funnies.” In this week’s installment, after a quick rundown on the cult’s latest antics, he poses a question to readers:

Hm. An all-hands-on-deck event so Miscavige can pitch his Ideal Orgs program — more than a decade since the high-pressure program began. What does that say? … To us, it feels like yet another sign of desperation.

Not to me. Not desperation.

If you’re desperate, you’ll try anything. You’ll flail and kick in all directions. Maybe you flee to safety. But you don’t sit still, going through the same futile motions that have already failed in numerous attempts to yield any result.

David Miscavige isn’t desperate. He’s exhausted.

It’s easy to think of David as a brash young spoiled punk, which is what he acts like. But hello 2013 — this guy is well into middle age, and from all reports he leads a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. Also, you have to figure that being so mean and so angry all the time is just not good for you, on any level. The dude is a wreck, emotionally and physically. He’s got nothing left.

So, why is he recycling the same dumb ideas from eight or ten years ago? Maybe because those were the last real ideas that came to him.

Mike Rinder is fond of saying, “It sucks to be Miscavige.” But even sucking takes some energy. David is just a void.