So, four years since the last update here. Feels about right.

There must be news to catch up on. I was hiding out teaching English for a few years at a small private high school, but that ended amidst the customary flying feathers and broken bottles and bloodshed that accompany my forays into the land of employment.

My youngest offspring, Tristan, turned 21 recently. Daughter Callie is teaching at a Waldorf preschool in Rhode Island, and older son Matt is entrenched in the DC area subverting the artisanal food industry and, tragically, writing fiction.

Last month I had heart surgery: mitral valve repair. Pretty much recovered now and feeling much sprightlier. Lost a healthy amount of weight.

I’ve been living in this cottage in the woods with a glimpse of Penobscot Bay out the kitchen window for about six years now. The plantings around the property are acquitting themselves honorably though with a notable absence of haste. My sons, nephew and their bros have worked mighty wonders in the woods and wetland out back.

I’m on Twitter @richardgrant. I also have a tumblr that I use mainly for posting photos:

50 Beach Road

Besides iPhoneography I have acquired an unholy interest in the terminal spasms of Scientology. There are biographical reasons for this. Future post.

Immediate professional goals:

  • Figure out what to do with two finished but unpublished novels, and also with the rights to older, out-of-print titles
  • Write new stuff

I’d welcome advice as to item one. For the rest I suppose I’m on my own.

Hope y’all are well.