Did everyone catch the little news item about the homeless Florida woman at President Obama’s town hall meeting last week? Her name was Henrietta Hughes, and within minutes of asking the president — in a heart-tugging TV moment — “Help, please,” she and her son were offered a rent-free home by (of all people) the wife of a Republican state official, a nice lady named Chene Thompson.


For some reason, this story has driven conservatives insane. Right-wingers are all but beating their heads against the pavement in outrage and disbelief. I do not know why. Here is a sampling of commentary from a conservative web site (which I will not dignify by linking, but it was among the top hits from a Google search). I didn’t even bother to cherry-pick these comments — just grabbed them off the top of the stack:

10:11 AM The Underground wrote …

Impeach Obama Hussein!!

10:09 AM avgjoe wrote …

Im sorry but you and your looser son need to get a job. Move to an area you can afford to live in you may have to move out of FL to find a job & home you can afford. Notice that none of her relitives want anythng to do with this leach?

10:08 AM dz wrote …

If we continue on this path we won’t make it 30 years. Now the government is going to start giving people homes. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, catering to the least common denominator since the 1960s.

10:07 AM MaryS wrote …

Fat, lazy liar………. She couldn’t get work in fast food or as a domestic? Housekeeper in a hospital? What do you want to bet?

10:04 AM quailblaster wrote …

The bible says those who dont work shouldnt eat.

10:04 AM Crush wrote …

I think most of us agree the this woman is typical of what the culture of “GIMMEE MO” will be about now that OBAMA is in office having been put there by the black vote and mindless white voters…….SO…..Let’s move on now to news that reflects something we may still have control over.

10:00 AM fedup 09 wrote …

The article said they sold property and have had help offered to them. They guy defending them stated that the 47,000 was in 2005,maybe if they would have spent wisely they wouldn’t need help now. Most people can’t get the concept you have to work in order to keep things ande work takes EFFORT.

9:56 AM ssquared wrote …

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out Henrietta Hughes would be satisfied to continue living in her car as long as it’s a NEW CADILLAC! And Nancy Pelosi will get it for Henrietta with a loan from Freddie Mac personally approved by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. The Cadillac will be delivered by Jamie Gorelick and Maxine Waters. Ain’t it wonderful?

On the face of it, such anger is hard to explain, even in the context of the modern GOP. The heroine here is a Republican. Not a penny of government money changed hands. No meddling bureaucrats stepped in to boss people around. This was a pure and spontaneous act of, if you will, Christian charity.

The only thing I can figure is this: We need urgently, as a nation, to report the news in a way that even Republicans can understand.

Accordingly, I offer the following summary which I urge you to forward to those conservative friends and relatives who are always sending you helpful informative e-mail.


There — all clear now?

In future installments we can touch upon other topical matters. We’ll take it one step at a time.

  • Jews Now Permitted To Own Property And Hold Public Office
  • Harvard-“Educated” Muslim Mulatto Steals Election, Enters White House
  • Homosexuals Freed From Camps, Allowed To Use Sidewalks (Though Not To Marry, Praise God)

Before long, Republicans will understand as much about current events as, you know, sane people.