Andrew Sullivan is no longer my favorite blogger. And this is why.

Rather than recap the whole shameless saga, I will simply post a (lightly redacted) copy of my personal e-mail to Andrew:

Let’s review. You’ve been ceaselessly lambasting the Catholic church for its indifference to the plight of helpless children who have been treated as de-personalized objects of enjoyment by grown-ups. And now you post this video featuring a clearly distressed little boy on drugs. You call it a “mental health break.”

I am dumbfounded by how tone-deaf (or color-blind, or something) you seem to be about this.

This is a really embarrassing, and private, family video that should NEVER have been posted anywhere. The father is obviously an idiot, but you should know better. This poor little boy has NO clue what is happening to him, and is clearly in extreme psychological distress. How can you not see this? Does one have to be a parent to have any empathy at all for children?

Let’s play it back. The video opens with the child asking in utter bewilderment: “Is this real life?” Near the end, he fairly wails: “Why is this happening to me?” And then he cries: “Is this gonna be for EVER?”

And what do you, Andrew, have to say? Just this: “I’m afraid I didn’t take it that seriously; and I doubt the kid did either.”

Are you completely out of your mind? Are you blind? Are you deaf? Have you no heart at all? Is this really why you consider yourself a conservative — because you continue to believe, deep down, that unhappy people have only themselves to blame? Even if they are seven years old? Even if they are utterly helpless, and being laughed at (however gently) by their own parent? Does their obvious misery — completely overwhelming to their young consciousness — really strike you as unworthy of any sympathy at all?

Apparently so. I really can’t get past this. “Mental health break.”

Happy trails.

Update: And he just keeps piling it on. Utterly shameless and uncaring.

At the center of all this adult merriment is a 7-year-old child. “Why is this happening to me?” Ha ha ha!