One of my favorite music blogs, Hits in the Car, is a labor-of-love sustained for a few years now by a Dane called Stytzer. The man is tireless, his taste unimpeachable, and his blog now sufficiently institutionalized — especially in northern Europe, but also in the indie-pop scene at large — that bands and labels bombard him with sample tracks.


In an odd mental state somewhere between joy and exasperation, Stytzer recently unloaded “Nothing but Music – the endless post?” — a very lengthy index of links of free tunes that have come his way over the past several months. All these tracks are in downloadable mp3 format. All are offered by the artists themselves (or in some cases by their record labels). Which is by way of saying: these are legal, guilt-free downloads. And bear in mind, these are only the songs that Stytzer LIKES — his personal “hits in the car.” Heaven forfend that we should stumble upon his discard pile.

A musical cornucopia of this magnitude is naturally too varied to categorize in any simple way. It’s mostly Europop with a generous leavening of U.S., Canadian and J-pop artists, including heavy-hitters like The Arcade Fire, Asobi Seksu, Devendra Banhart, Beirut (a must-hear), Allison Crowe, and Iron & Wine. But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg. Click around at random or listen to all of it. Think of it as a soundtrack for the economic meltdown.